Steve Ardagh, "The Glove Guy" | Expert Source Overview

Steve Ardagh HeadshotSteve Ardagh is CEO of Eagle Protect™, the world’s only glove and PPE supplier to be a Certified B Corporation®. Eagle Protect supplies nitrile disposable gloves and protective clothing to the food processing, food service, medical and dentistry sectors in both the U.S. and New Zealand. 


Steve has spent the last 20 years working with a multitude of glove, PPE and clothing factories throughout the world, including Southeast Asia, Europe and the UK. He can speak to a number of topics related to gloves and protective clothing, including:

  1. Glove quality and contamination related to safe food handling, including specific expertise in organics
  2. PPE supply chain, government regulation and pricing
  3. Ethical sourcing of PPE, including labor rights issues 
  4. Glove and PPE manufacturing, quality control  
  5. Socially responsible and environmental accountability, including PPE and food waste reduction


After establishing Eagle Protect as an industry leader in New Zealand, where the company supplies approximately 80% of the primary food processing industry, Steve relocated with his family to the U.S. in January 2016 and launched Eagle Protect PBC. Steve brought with him Eagle’s values of providing products that are certified food safe, ethically sourced and environmentally better. Steve is driven to keep consumers safe, one high-quality disposable glove at a time, and has been instrumental in developing Eagle’s proprietary third party Fingerprint Glove Analysis glove testing program.  

Steve and the Eagle Protect team interact with all types of end-users, from meat processing and restaurants to medical and dentistry, developing specific formulas to best fit each user’s needs. They are passionate about meeting their customers’ needs through innovative product design and quality, and through reducing their environmental impacts through reduced product usage. By focusing on quality, labor rights standards and sustainability, Steve has made being an ethical company a top priority.



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