Quick Disposable Glove quality Estimate

No Labs. No Equipment Needed.

There are many disposable gloves to select from, and they all look the same. However, the raw materials they are made from defines their food safety quality. Here is a quick and easy way to estimate the difference in quality of raw materials used during glove manufacturing.

What were the results of your inflation test?

  • Clear?
  • Color variations?
  • Non-uniform color?

Click here to find out what your results mean. Ready to keep learning? How were your results? Should they have been better? Find out the Top 6 Hazards of Cheap Disposable Gloves.

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The 6 Hazards of   Cheap Gloves


Eagle Protect has produced various resources to assist in the education and decision making pertaining to disposable gloves. There is a lot of science behind a product that seems so relatively simple. Click below to learn more.

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