A Necessary Extra Layer of Glove Safety

Contaminated gloves are a problem for your business and your food safety procedures. Glove compliance testing on import to the US is limited and infrequent. Glove manufacturers can, without detection, save costs by adding cheap toxic raw materials, and use putrid water sources with poor manufacturing and quality procedures. This is why gloves can easily become contaminated, with independent tests discovering viable pathogens and feces - a risk to your food safety. 

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Over and above Eagle Protect’s transparent glove supply chain (including annual external independent third party auditing of glove factories) is their proprietary glove testing program, Delta Zero. Independent multi-layered testing ensures Eagle gloves adhere to the highest level of consistent glove safety and performance, safeguarding your business from glove risks. 



Delta Zero Benefits

5 Tested Glove Safety & Performance Factors

1. Safe Ingredients

  • Test: GC/MS Bacteria Grow in Petri Dish Microbes Germs Lab

    • Solvent extractions and toxic chemical tests provide an analysis of the glove raw material “ingredients”

  • Benefit:

    • Consistency of glove manufacturing quality, ensuring Eagle gloves do not contain harmful toxic chemicals which could impact food safety and glove user health, and cause product recall.



  • Test: Microbial Analysis
    • Bioburden on both the inside (skin contact) and outside (food contact) of gloves are tested to ensure against fungal and microbial contaminants
  • Benefit:
    • Protects against pathogen and fecal contamination of Eagle gloves, ensuring the best food safety practices. 


3. Dermal Compatibility

  • Test: In Vitro Cytotoxicity Analysis
    • Gloves Face Mask Lab Testing Test tubeOur sensitive dual cell assay system detects toxicity from a wide variety of chemicals, including but not limited to pesticides, microbial contaminants, endotoxins, glycols, phthalate plasticizers, bisphenol A (BPA), heavy metals and formaldehyde.
  • Benefits:
    • Designed to protect your staff wearing gloves, testing ensures against skin irritation and occupational skin diseases of the wearer, enhancing work efficiency and safety.

4. Cross-contamination Potential

  • Test: Physical Chemistry
    • The surface tension of liquids was studied relevant to the tested surface free energy of Eagle glove surfaces. This identifies cross-contamination pick-up and transfer potential for glove surfaces with respect to both spoilage and pathogenic species in various food and human soils.
  • Benefits:
    • Vinyl gloves can affect the risk of pathogen cross-contamination, and have been deemed a food safety risk - Eagle Protect no longer sells vinyl gloves because of this.

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5. Strength & Durability

  • Tests: AQL, Strength & Elongation, Puncture Resistance
    • Glove type, quality and acceptable quality level (AQL) can affect the microbial contamination, and the possibility of glove particle contaminants in food.
  • Benefits:
    • Structural integrity tests verify Eagle gloves exceed medical grade AQL requirements, ensuring against contamination through pinhole defects. Quality raw material ingredients ensure higher strength and resistance to puncture, also increasing staff efficiency and waste reduction through reduced glove use.

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Every business operates and makes decisions guided by their values. Whether your goals are food safety, staff health, efficiency, quality, cleanliness or environmental impact, Delta Zero verified gloves support your mission. Safeguard what matters to your business.


What Delta Zero Means for My Business

Eagle Protect’s Delta Zero program does the due diligence before you receive your gloves, to ensure you are using a superior product that will perform to the highest standards of safety, cleanliness and durability. 

delta zero_logo_Icon-BlueDelta Zero safeguards your product, your staff and your brand from glove risks. Please contact our team of experts with any questions, from protecting your business to glove selection. We’re here to help.


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