“Eagle is well versed in food safety legislation and is hot on the heels of industry innovation.”


A global red meat exporter specializing in beef, lamb and venison needs to take every precaution when it comes to food safety in their facilities. As they provide meat to some of the world’s largest food service brands, which feed millions of people around the globe, the interviewee and business have been kept anonymous.

“We employ over 7,000 workers across our plants, 6,500 of which routinely use disposable gloves, smocks, sleeves, hair nets and beard covers,” says the Manager of Standardization and 25 year veteran of the meat industry. “We’ve tried a few different suppliers of food safety disposables, and we were finding inconsistencies with the quality of safety products. We couldn’t have that.”

The food safety industry is highly regulated. Good hygiene and proper safety products are mandatory for all food handling industry businesses under government regulations. In such a high-profile industry, one single food safety violation could mean devastating effects on the employees, the business, the brand and the clients, resulting in large fines, loss of business revenue and a tarnished reputation.

“There was a time we looked at price as the reason to switch from one food safety disposables supplier to another, but after being up against heavy, heavy claims violations, we realized we couldn’t sustain it.”


  • Find a supplier of food safety disposables they could trust to have their back and to provide high-quality products, consistently.
  • Work with the supplier to remedy food safety incidences.
  • Choose a food safety partner that knows the industry, understands the regulatory nature of the business and who supplies only responsibly sourced products from trusted manufacturers.


This major meat exporter dropped their previous supplier due to safety concerns and inconsistent quality of disposable products. They began to order their disposable gloves, smocks, sleeves, hair covers and beard covers from Eagle Protect.


Within a year, this global meat exporter was voted “Most Trusted Brand” by consumers. Eagle Protect’s high-quality products, transparent business practices and responsibly sourced disposable food safety supplies solved the problems of low quality and product inconsistency.

“We found that you get what you pay for,” says the Manager of Standardization. “Eagle goes above and beyond the call of duty. Together, we came up with some options for better dispensing, which has improved hygiene and eliminated waste. We were looking at the rubberband on the sleeves and a better grip on the gloves too. They worked closely with us, improving the products where they could.”

The food handling and services industry is ever-changing, filled with new technological advancements, emerging food safety regulations and riddled with irresponsible manufacturers and suppliers.

“One of the biggest things is to ensure it’s coming from a reputable source. We don’t want to be getting products from sweatshops. It’s got to be environmentally friendly and we want to make sure these workers are getting reasonable wages too.”

Eagle Protect pledges to visit every single one of their suppliers regularly, rigorously verifying product excellence, staff conditions, environmental footprint and abiding by the newest regulations and laws.

“We had a supplier that was 2-3 cents cheaper per glove, but they couldn’t compete with Eagle Protect on quality. Plus, it’s nice knowing they’re doing what’s right in the industry in terms of transparency and responsibly sourcing their products.”

Suppliers in the disposable glove and clothing industry are historically driven by price and aren’t known for their transparency. Eagle provides a better way of doing business.

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This logo means Eagle is recognized as a force for good and the world’s only B Corp certified supplier of disposable gloves and clothing.

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