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As the Founder of Eagle Protect PBC, I have visited numerous glove factories throughout Southeast Asia over the last 20 years, and have witnessed an astonishing variation in sanitation, quality control, and labor conditions - all factors affecting glove quality.

Glove manufacturing is very water-intensive, and some factories I have visited manufacturing food and medical grade gloves, reuse dirty “wash” water during manufacturing, limit washing tank use to save money, and pack gloves in open-walled, dirty, insect-infested environments. Quality control can be lacking. Having seen these unsanitary manufacturing practices first hand, we began to question the food (and medical) safety implications of gloves produced in these (and probably many other) factories.

These experiences drove us to establish high-quality industry standards to which we hold everyone in our supply chain accountable. Our products are sourced in a responsible and sustainable way and must meet specific quality standards. We conduct a rigorous audit assessment on a regular basis for each of our suppliers, making sure they pass our Eagle Supplier Code of Conduct as well as independent audits. This ensures the environmental and social impacts of production are assessed.

In addition, our team regularly visits our factories throughout the world to verify product quality, staff conditions and their environmental footprint. These are some of the factors that have assisted our B Corp certification, and we’re proud to be the only glove supply company certified to this standard since 2012.


Learn About Delta Zero

To further verify Eagle gloves quality and safety standards, our team has developed the Delta Zero Program. Read in detail about the five pillars of safety in our proprietary glove analysis, what is tested for (including fungal and microbial contaminants and chemical and toxic ingredients) and how. We developed this third-party verification process to enhance our customer's food safety and medical practices, and protect the health and skin of our glove users.

We are proud to be the only global glove supplier to test and verify a range of our gloves to specific safety standards, and we believe we bring the highest level of safe glove performance to our customers and the industries we supply.

To our customers, thanks for your continued support and partnership. Be rest assured we will continue to bring you the highest quality of products in our industry. 

Live Long and Prosper,

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Steve Ardagh
Founder and CEO, Eagle Protect