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How Eagle Protect Can Help Reduce Your Glove Usage:

The raw material “ingredients” of Eagle Protect disposable gloves are Fingerprint Checked* (FPC), to ensure manufacturing and product consistency and ultimately glove quality.

The quality of raw material and standards of manufacturing directly reduce glove failures.

Nitrile’s molecular structure is formulated for improved strength, and high chemical and tear resistance, reducing your glove failure and waste production.

A reduction in glove failure rate with subsequent reduced glove changes, reduces worker downtime and improves worker productivity - financially benefitting a business.

Improved worker efficiency due to optimal fit and a reduction skin irritation and hand injuries, reduces sick leave and worker's comp claims.

Because glove strength is highly proportional to the quality and choice of raw materials, thinner quality gloves are often stronger and more resistant to tearing compared to a thicker glove, reducing your waste production.

Due to their molecular structure, scientific studies prove that the average failure rate of vinyl gloves, out of the box and during use, is 18%. Meaning, for every 100 gloves 18 fail. This failure rate has been included in the waste calculator. Read more on this statistic here

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